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Getting started on your project.

Below are a few questions a contractor will typically ask in order to get the project started. Some of these items you may already have, or are working on. If you need help with any of the following things, don’t worry! Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. 


Do you have an updated Survey  of the property?
If not, we can help you obtain a new survey or flood certification.

Do you currently, or plan to, work with either a licensed architect or engineer?
If not, we can refer you to our preferred architect and engineers.

Do you have a style or design for your project? Do you have fixtures and appliances selected?
If not, we can direct you to the right suppliers to find fixtures, appliances, and materials to compliment the style of your project.

Do you have a budget for your project, so you know what you are prepared to spend?
If you’re not sure where to begin, we can help you create a realistic budget for your project with assistance on scope, material selection, and other project variables.

Do you have a permit filed?
If not, we can assist with filing your building permit, zoning permit, Historic Preservation Commission Application, and all other necessary documentation.


Below outlines the typical example of how the construction process unfolds while working with Cape May Contracting.

Some projects may differ in the overall process based on complexity and size.

Initial Meeting

This is our first meeting with you, the owner. We will go over ideas for the project, take initial measurements, get your contact and property information, and gather project notes. We will determine when you want to start the project and the lead-time for our bid.

Site Inspection

We will bring sub-contractors and the architect or engineer to your property for a walk through and measurements. During this stage several visits to the property may occur in order to offer accurate and concise pricing for each sub-contractor. We will then provide a narrative of the proposed project; including costs, allowances, and specifications and generate our initial bid. You are able to review the scope of the project, and make any changes needed; our bid will be updated accordingly. We will then wait to hear from you if we are awarded the contract.

Final Contract Submitted to Owner

If awarded the contract, we will then begin working on the logistics of your project. This includes a detailed contract, pay schedule, estimated start and end date, terms and conditions, and finalized specifications.

Proposal Signing

Once the final price and contract have been agreed upon, both the owner and contractor sign the proposal and a deposit is issued to secure a spot on our schedule and to begin the permitting and planning process.


Our team will help fill out all permits for your project including; building permits, zoning permits, and Historic Preservation Commission Applications. You will be required to furnish any documents that our team needs to complete these permits. We will prepare all documentation to be received in good order by the City, who should review and issue the permits within 2-4 weeks.

Starting Construction

On or shortly before the agreed start date, we will obtain the pre-determined start cost from the owner. This start cost will be used to purchase materials and place deposits with approved sub-contractors to commence construction.

During Construction

During construction you will be given frequent updates as to the status of the project. If necessary, you may be asked to make yourself available to review current construction phases and answer any owner specific questions we may have. At the middle and final phases of construction, you will be asked for the next series of payments so construction can continue. During these phases the building inspectors will conduct a series of inspections which typically include; building, plumbing, fire, mechanical, elevator, and electrical. If the inspections find any items in error, our team will correct them immediately.

Final Corrections List

At this stage your project is near completion! Now you can inspect the project and list any corrections or imperfections you may want addressed. You are entitled to one final corrections list. Once any corrections have been made and you are satisfied with the project, final payment will be requested. At this time your project is complete.


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